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« Last post by lemonc on June 13, 2022, 09:36:57 AM »
I am a Korean who likes to play Cabe games. This time, I grab saidioujou pcb. And I tested it by connecting it to the cabinet that I have.
I like to turn up the volume and play games, so I turned up the volume in Astro City and tried to operate it, and there was noise on the sound speaker side.

For example, I uploaded a video to YouTube.
adress :

It's a video that runs my saidaioujou pcb in Astro City.
When i used a bomb in a video or when a jaco or all of air craft, plane is destroyed, the sound of a blast occurs as if the speaker is tearing up.
Of course, Dondonpachi oujou this point, There's noise when it comes.
You have to turn up the volume and watch it.

Originally, i told in network, someone said that the sound issue has cave pcbs, but I'm really curious if this is a design error only for my pcb, or if other people have this noise problem with the original sound.
sorry my english so trash.
I don't know if it was delivered well, but I want to play a game with a really pleasant sound, but I don't think it's easy.

Or I wonder if it's my cabinet problem. If there is anyone who has tested it while using New Astro City, I would appreciate it if you could give me advice or help.
always thank you all stg friends.
DVL got 1,814,468,646,279 in DFK BL with A-Strong (on 19-Feb-2022), beating his older score of 1,732,347,841,841. This is also now the highest score in this mode with any ship type. No replay, unfortunately!

High Scores - Individual Style / Re: EOJ
« Last post by EOJ on June 10, 2022, 08:27:25 PM »
I finally got over 900 mil in MFBL Maniac with Reco! This is on the X360 port.

909,471,242 - ALL [Lx1, Bx3]

I got to the last boss with three bombs and three lives, but did lots of panic bombs just to make sure I'd clear it with over 900mil.
CAVE Games / Re: Video link thread
« Last post by EOJ on June 08, 2022, 04:45:38 PM »
Gray got a 16mil ALL in Pink Sweets 1.00 on the X360 with Shasta!

This is the highest overall score on the leaderboards.
CAVE Games / Re: Video link thread
« Last post by EOJ on June 03, 2022, 11:42:15 PM »
Mushi Futari 1.5 Maniac Abnormal Reco - 621 mil 1CC:

Recorded in March 2008.
High Scores - Individual Style / Re: EOJ
« Last post by EOJ on June 03, 2022, 09:43:32 PM »
Inspired by fufufu's Abnormal Reco Ultra mode score, yesterday I started playing Ver 1.5 Maniac (X360) with Abnormal Reco. Today I made it to the last boss with 350 mil, which is a good start!

350,451,814 - Stage 5 (Boss) - Abnormal Reco

It was no miss until the end of ST4, where I lost two lives. I actually missed the 1UP in ST5, but still entered into the last boss fight with two lives. I'd really like to 1CC it with this ship type, so I'll keep trying.
Microsoft store all the leaderboards for all Xbox games on their servers (not individual companies), and there's no precedent for them ever removing leaderboards on any Xbox system from the X360 onwards. Plus, all the other X360 Cave game leaderboards are working fine. My guess is that there was some automated server maintenance process that has probably caused Futari's leaderboards to become inaccessible.
I was playing this today and tried to check out the online leaderboards, but they would not load up. Maybe they've finally been removed? If so, it was a good run of about 13 years.
Fufufu did it: a counter stop 1CC in Futari Ultra with Abnormal Reco, on the X360 port! He achieved the counter stop well before the ST5 boss fight.

Here is the video: (original stream video with handcam),

I will add this in parentheses next to his counter stop score with Normal Reco on the PCB.
CAVE Games / Re: Show us your CAVE gaming setup!
« Last post by Codiene on May 28, 2022, 12:53:05 PM »

This is my current setup as I sadly have no Cave PCBs, just getting back into playing arcade games after 15+years out. 

It is permanently setup in Tate mode so I can play Vertical scrollers (very badly). The setup looks a little bit messy as I haven't tidied up all the cables yet and it is running both the Pi-Zero and the Pi4B through an HDMI splitter, into and HDMI audio extractor linked to a sound bar (plus my stereo if I want to run it through both) and then into the monitor. The LEDs are power from one of the monitors USB ports and fixed to the back of the monitor. Monitor is an HP one I rescued from work a long time ago and stashed as it was native 4:3. Also have a slightly smaller 4:3 Dell one I rescued.

I imagine with the setup it is probably laggy to anyone who has the PCB's to play on or played the originals extensively but its fine for me at the moment. I do have DE10 Nano FPGA for a Mister setup which has been on back order for quite a while. But I will hopefully get it in a couple of months and will add that into the mix once I have it.

The Stick is one of my collection (I have a few, probably more than I need  =D). It is a Virtua Stick high grade I picked up for a really good price off ebay and refurbished. It had a lot of corrosion on the coach bolts and to a scratched up back panel. I stripped it down got rid of the rust and sprayed up the panel and refitted the original feet. I cleaned up the coach bolts and mirror polished them with a dremel. It has a row of Pink Qanba switches and a row of pink Samduksa switches as I wanted to test them both out. It also has a 4lb spring, a 1mm oversized Kowal Actuator, and a 45mm Semitsu LB49 Translucent Pink Bubble top.

And I realise it doesn't have a Cave game playing at the time I took the photo :laugh:
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