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CAVE Games / Re: New to the SHMUP scene!
« Last post by poo on January 20, 2020, 11:51:45 PM »
If you want a really nice 360 stick, the HRAP 3 SE is quite nice. I still use mine for all the 360 Cave ports.
High Scores - Individual Style / Pearl (PRL)
« Last post by Pearl on January 19, 2020, 07:05:09 PM »
Initials : PRL
All are done on MAME or PC/PS4 port.
Posting scores I care about, theres some other garbage in the list but eh
I play whatever. Will update periodically.

Recent :

Pink Sweets (Extend Every 1000K) [MAME]

All :

Akai Katana
ALL - 92,841,662

ALL - 100,061,757

DeathSmiles 2 [PC V4]
ALL - 174,414,660

Original ALL - 40,374,716
Maniac s5 - 284,709,219

Mushihime-Sama Futari (V1.5 and BL)
1.5 Original ALL - ???
1.5 Maniac ALL - 28?,???,???
BL God 3,156,873,465 [MAME]

2-3 10,334,630

2-7 101,428,690

DoDonPachi DaiOuJou (WL, DDP3, BL)
DDP3 1-ALL 49,22?,???
BL 1-ALL 71,43?,???

DoDonPachi 2
Combat ALL 1,72?,???,???

DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu
some 1.0 1-all

1-ALL 62,588,412

Tateha ALL 40,221,790
Ageha No-Miss ALL 44,248,230

Muchi Muchi Pork
1.0 1-ALL 92.21M

Pink Sweets [MAME]
Extend Every 1000K - H,801,460

Esp Ra De
ALL 13,610,430

Battle Garegga
Gain C.93M

1945 Part-2
2-ALL P.43M

Armed Police Batrider
Advanced ALL B,652,370

Battle Bakraid
Normal ALL M,476,740

Giga Wing
96.2兆 Stuck ALL

Giga Wing Generations
1142京 ALL Robin

Off Topic / Re: I've bought cool stuff. Let me show you. I'll post pics if I'm really cool
« Last post by EOJ on January 19, 2020, 12:46:12 AM »

What is the difference between the reprint and the original kit pop?

I’ve heard the colors are a bit different in the reprints.
Plasmo got an amazing new record score with Lace in Pink Sweets (Normal mode)!!


With this, we say goodbye to YOS.K's previous record, which stood for over 13 years: 20,614,480. Let's never forget he got this score in November 2006, less than 7 months after the game's arcade release!

Plasmo has done it again, with another increase to 21,509,730!
SDOJ Super Limited Edition. Brand new and sealed (though not anymore as I opened it up right after this pic was taken). Found it on YAJ. I wanted it mainly for the toresetsu (which I don't think was available elsewhere) and the art book.


I am importing the “standard” limited edition from YAJ as I type. Not a cheap game, but will be pleased to have it!
Just got these goodies in the mail today:

Mint condition NOS Muchi Muchi Pork POP (original from 2007, not the reprint):

What is the difference between the reprint and the original kit pop?
CAVE Games / Re: Cave kits thread
« Last post by fuzzbuddy on January 18, 2020, 11:25:13 AM »
Does anyone have a picture of the original Deathsmiles 2 arcade poster?
CAVE Games / Re: New to the SHMUP scene!
« Last post by Queen Charlene on January 17, 2020, 11:57:51 AM »
well hey, welcome back! :P
CAVE Games / Re: Dodonpachi Saidaioujou [Cave 2012, ARCADE]
« Last post by SH4R4KU on January 17, 2020, 11:36:39 AM »
I still have it.  :)

That's brought a smile to my face :)
CAVE Games / Re: New to the SHMUP scene!
« Last post by SH4R4KU on January 17, 2020, 11:32:08 AM »
Hey, nice to see you back here! Glad to hear you're playing these games again.  :righton:

Thanks man! Nice to see the site still going; sent you a note via twitter (@mysegacollection).  I missed SDOJ when I was in Japan, somehow, and have now imported the LE. It's a hard game, but love the OST and the overall aesthetic. It's nice to get back into STG. Been many years! My Hori stick is not with me but getting started again with a pad is fine.

Do you still have SDOJ PCB?
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