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Really looking forward to this one!
High Scores - Competition Style / Re: World Record Scores - Arcade (Updated 24-August-2020)
« Last post by EOJ on September 22, 2020, 07:42:35 PM »
Some new scores from the latest JHA!

Deathsmiles (no Canyon)
481,651,246 - Casper - SPE

41,753,570 - JB-5th - Clover-TAC (2P side, one miss)

Mushihimesama Futari Black Label ORIGINAL
3,931,896,448 - Reco - SSM (Lx4, Bx4)

If the Futari score was a no miss it would have put him over 4 bil! Maybe next time.

SPE completes his domination of Deathsmiles (no Canyon) scoring, securing the WR with Casper and beating GFA2-ISO's old score of 462,722,890. Now all that is left is for him to beat SWY's Casper Canyon run, which is no easy task.
High Scores - Individual Style / Re: BUF
« Last post by buffi on September 22, 2020, 03:39:14 PM »
New 1cc:
Guwange Blue Label:
Inbachi has been cleared in EXA Label by RMY:

Must be a lot easier than the PCB version.
It seems there is background rank that increases past the max RANK 100:

He says if you stay alive and keep hypering, the patterns get harder even though it says the same "RANK 100" on the top. Probably similar to DFK BL in that there are two layers of rank, with one that increases the longer you stay alive.
PCB / Re: CAVE CV-1000 PCB serial number codes explained (with PCB production estimates)
« Last post by EOJ on September 16, 2020, 10:51:35 PM »
Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool too.  :righton: I had been wondering if they went up to -90109 for the Black Labels or if they rolled over to -00200. So this solves that mystery.
Tops added a DFK BL PCB to their stock today. It is serial number DDB-00200 = (200th PCB out of 200 made). This is significant, because I believe it is the first time we have found the 200th PCB from a postulated run of 200 PCBs. If we ever find a higher serial, however, we will have to adjust our estimate upward.

I just want to pipe in that I read that and thought it was really effing cool. I know that this whole thing is a niche within a niche within a niche... but as a numbers guy, it is deeply satisfying to see. It's like all of the data has accurately made its predictions, and that makes this PCB kind of special. It's probably the last DFKBL ever printed!
Strategy / Re: Learning without Training Modes (PCB Style)
« Last post by EOJ on September 16, 2020, 06:05:13 PM »
Most arcades only get one PCB, but if the game is really popular the bigger arcades might get two (or three, as was the case of Hey in Akihabara with DDP SDOJ).

I've found safer 'survival' strategies are only used in the early days to see and learn the stages and boss patterns. After that most players will just go for scoring and don't care about their credit lasting longer.
Strategy / Re: Mushihimesama Futari ver 1.01 differences
« Last post by EOJ on September 16, 2020, 05:48:47 PM »
I was playing 1.01 yesterday and nearly cleared it. Here's the last boss fight in the run, I had one spare life and 5 bombs to play with. Got to the last phase but needed another life or at least a few more bombs to clear it:

I actually really enjoy this boss fight in 1.01. It's probably my favorite last boss fight in any of the modes/versions of Futari.

One thing I noticed was the 'dagger bullets' pattern at the start of the last phase (see pic below for exactly what I'm talking about) has a lot of slowdown in 1.01 X360, but this is not in the original 1.0 PCB (same story with the 1.5 port vs the PCB, unfortunately). Makes this part a lot easier on the 360.

And for a blast from the past, here's a video I found of the ST5 Maniac 1.0 Boss fight from 24 November 2006. This person beats it with two deaths. Sorta bad video quality because it was from VHS.

(Also, if you compare the 'dagger bullets' pattern in my video with this video, you will see the huge difference in slowdown that I'm talking about)
By the way, if anyone is thinking of picking this up and you fancy A&B as well, for some strange reason Tanoshimasu has asked that it be discontinued after the current run so grab it while you can.
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