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CAVE Shop / Re: Cave Arcade Sales Tracker Spreadsheet
« Last post by EOJ on Today at 04:50:44 PM »
-Akai Katana PCB with original artset (everything looks pretty minty) sold for 360,000 yen, at auction (one bid):

Doesn't look like a proxy bidder.

-Mushihimesama (no-dot MASTER VER) + original A4 marquee, movestrip and box (all in poor condition) sold for 100,000 yen, at auction (one bid):

Looks like a proxy bidder bought this one.
I use the “proper, up-to-date build”.
Aim for accuracy? I don't know if I should laugh or cry.

Again it is a waste of time researching this using an outdated build. For the Nth time some ingame behaviours changed a bit after the recompiler was introduced (0.192 mem loadings that can influence slowdowns in places). Also using a proper up-to-date build you wouldn't have to deal with crashes and workarounds.

In short whatever you guys find here is in part of no use to users of proper up-to-date builds, and of course no use for the future.

The people who pushed for doing the wrong, uneducated choice of going for outdated cv1k emu ruined the chance of this 'project' to be at least a little serious, as expected from the SRR (Shmuppers + Retroarch = Retardation) typical combo recipe for inacccurcy and promotion of anti-progress, and the ugly clickwhores a la Mark_MSX will surely further promote mediocrity since that's what they exist for/live off.

Aim for accurcy = start with using a proper up-to-date build period.

Retroarch culture is people who don't understand the serious problem of sticking with heavily outdated versions of software, it's a cancer of our times for the world of emulation and development as a whole, a disservice to video games.

Damned Brandolini's law is the essence of the internet.  :displeased:
For emulation I think it is best to aim for accuracy, not 'a bit more slowdown than on the PCB', even though perfect accuracy is not possible in MAME. From what I have tested out thus far, no MAME emulation of any Ikeda SH3 game is more than 70% accurate (the ports are more accurate in basically every case). Yagawa stuff fares noticeably better (e.g. MMP and PS can be set to have more accurate slowdown in MAME than in the ports) except DFK BL, which is on par with the Ikeda stuff in terms of accuracy (probably because it is an Ikeda game in its core programming).

Good info there. It did seem to be the case at first glance .

I always tend to settle for a bit more slowdown in these games myself. Just love the dramatic near miss feeling it gives  ^-^
CAVE Shop / Re: Cave Arcade Sales Tracker Spreadsheet
« Last post by EOJ on May 28, 2020, 10:48:09 PM »
Ketsui PCB + Move strip + Marquee + Instruction sheet sold on YAJ for 83 000 Yen.

It should be noted that PCB had a fresh battery installed (which is a good thing!).

Looks like a proxy bidder bought it.
CAVE Shop / Re: Cave Arcade Sales Tracker Spreadsheet
« Last post by Liquidus0 on May 28, 2020, 10:17:43 PM »
Ketsui PCB + Move strip + Marquee + Instruction sheet sold on YAJ for 83 000 Yen.

Type C can accumulate green energy orbs more rapidly and more often than the other ship types, which leads to more slowdown. So in that regard you could say Type C has more slowdown overall. There may be a minor effect with its shot as well, but honestly the game has so much slowdown even when you're not shooting, I don't notice anything extra that is induced merely by the act of shooting.

This should be the easiest game to get better slowdown emulation in MAME compared to the X360 port, because 50-60% of the slowdown is missing in the port. Even 60-70% accuracy in MAME would be a big improvement.
Oh, thank you for the feedback and observations!

Watching a couple of Akai Katana vids led me to believe that there's a difference due to the shot spread, but as you say, it's most likely the accumulation of greens and/or golds. Need to watch more  :righton:
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