Author Topic: How to count the score above the counterstop in Mushi Futari 1.5 Ultra (X360)  (Read 880 times)

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Gus figured this out!

This is rather complex and time consuming, but it works. Basically, it seems you have to do the following:

1) Take a counterstop replay from the X360 version.
2) Load it into the X360 emulator Xenia.
4) Play the replay until the end of the fourth stage and mark down the score.
5) Use a custom code (shown in the video) and start the replay again. This code does not count the score in the first four stages, but rather starts counting it from the start of stage 5.
6) Play until the end of the replay and mark down the score at the end of stage 5.
7) Add the two scores together manually, and bingo.
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