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Re: Video link thread
« Reply #540 on: November 01, 2019, 06:09:41 AM »
I don't have a youtube or similar online video to share, but I just checked out the Pink Sweets X360 leaderboard rankings, and there are two awesome videos there for download that were uploaded this year. One is a 15.3 million ALL with Lace in Ver 1.00, the highest score in a non-infinite lives run ever made public! And the second is a 6.52 million run in Score attack with Lace by the same guy. Also an ALL, and also the highest scoring run ever made public in that mode.  :righton:

I watched both videos. The 15.3 mil run is very interesting! He loses his medal chain once, at the snake lasers in St6. He gets three destructible-bullet extends (one in the beginning of st4, another in the beginning of st6, and the last in the beginning of st7), and three fixed extends (st3, st5, st7). He loses his first life on the St4 boss. Four more lives are lost in St6 (two on the snake lasers, one on the boss, and I forget the other one). He dies twice in St7 (once on the midboss) and ends the game with one spare life in stock.

It seems this player is Plasmo? The score is the same as the high score shown at the top of the screen in this video by Plasmo:

A bit confusing because I can't find a site where he has posted this score, and his restartsyndrome high score list only shows his previous 14 mill (no 1CC) score:

He also does not list the score on the Shmups forum thread that he administers (here:

These have been put up on youtube:

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