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Rules & Content [updated 4-April-2019]
« on: December 10, 2007, 05:49:40 AM »
This forum is mainly for buying and selling new and used Cave games. They can be console games, or the arcade kits. Also posters, fliers, figurines, and any other Cave merchandise. You can sell other games and related stuff here as well.


1.)Daily (or even periodic) "bumps" are not allowed. You are only allowed to post updates, such as lowered prices or the insertion/deletions of items from your list. You may bump your thread once it gets pushed off the first page. Offenders will have their threads locked. Repeat offenders may be banned.

2.)You can post links to ebay auctions you are running, but only in the Auction forum.

3.)Do not spam or "poison" anyone's selling thread if you disagree with the price or another aspect of it.

4.) Do not post links to Play-asia with your affiliate link(s)!

5.) Sales of items that are anything short of authentic, factory original should be denoted appropriately.  This would include "Phoenix" CPS2, conversions, repaired PCBs, etc.  Likewise, any reproduction artwork will be described as such.

6.) You may only post things YOU are selling. Also, don't post links to things for sale on other sites that you aren't selling.

7.) All prices of sold items must remain in your thread, do not delete the prices!

8.) For items you are selling you must list a price but you can also take offers below that price. In either case, you need to post the final sale price in your thread (see no. 7 above).

9.) If you are trading instead of selling, please indicate what you will accept for trade.

10.) Do not bump years-old inactive sales threads with comments (unless there is a very good reason to do so). Such posts will be removed by the mods.

11.) A seller has the right to refuse any buyer for any reason (and does not need to provide a reason), as long as an agreement to sell has not been made by the seller.

***Common acronyms: WTB=want to buy, WTT=want to trade, FS=for sale, FT=for trade, FA=For Auction

***Post feedback for members after a completed transaction using the trader rating system.
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