Author Topic: Deathsmiles Mega Black Label - No Death Mode rankings  (Read 801 times)

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Deathsmiles Mega Black Label - No Death Mode rankings
« on: January 30, 2009, 09:02:14 PM »
This is the Deathsmiles Mega Black Label "No Death Mode" high score thread. To participate in this ranking you have to choose rank 3 (or 999) four times or less in the first 6 stages and go directly to the castle, skipping both the ice palace and the canyon. Basically you need to never trigger suicide bullets - if you see suicide bullets in the castle stage then you cannot submit a score here.

While Arcadia Magazine does not track scores for this, to the best of my knowledge the current Japanese WR for this style of play is approximately 5.1 billion points (w/Windia).

Rules: no continues, and default live stock, difficulty, and extends. Submit in the order shown in the table.

Key for all tables:
SCORE - NAME - STAGE (L=X/5, BxX for ALL scores) - Character

L=X/5 for ALL scores indicates how many life containers you finished the game with (for example, if you finish the game with 2 full life containers, list it as L=2/5, if you finish with 3.5 life containers, list it as L=3.5/5)

1.  1,223,608,395 - EOJ - ALL [L=4/5, Bx1] - Follett
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