Author Topic: Ketsui X360 port slowdown accuracy  (Read 1699 times)

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Ketsui X360 port slowdown accuracy
« on: April 26, 2010, 04:53:50 PM »
Overall the slowdown is in the same places as the PCB, with a few exceptions. I will also note those places where the slowdown feels a bit different. This list may increase over time. Feel free to add any other sections you find. I have not tested the Omote/Tsuujou Loop yet.

-Possible slowdown when both big ships are on the screen at the end of 1-1 (this is pretty unnecessary slowdown)
-Last phase of 1-4 boss (it does slowdown a little, but noticeably less than the PCB)
-Last phase of Ura 2-3 midboss. There's a little slowdown on the PCB, but none in the port.
-First big ship in Ura 2-5. Slowdown seems nearly completely absent, but it does slow down on the PCB.
-First phase of Doom (Ura loop) is totally lacking any slowdown, but there are parts where it does slow down on the PCB.

-Last big ship in 1-2, slowdown feels a bit heavier here.
-Second phase of 1-2 boss, feels a little choppier.
-Last phase of 1-2 boss, slowdown feels a little less prominent.
-Second phase of the 1-4 boss. Feels a bit choppier and more pronounced.

Overall accuracy? I'd put it at about 90%, when all of the factors above are taken into account along with the following: the port runs a bit faster than the PCB overall, as it runs at 60fps while the PCB runs at a frame rate under 60fps (not sure exactly what this is, 59.XX?). This makes the game play a bit smoother and just a hair faster, and personally I quite like it, but it is still not perfectly accurate. It also makes the Ura loop a bit harder as the bullets are a bit faster.
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