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The bad news is the Switch slowdown is more jittery, and the transitions in and out of slowdown are jerkier and/or faster. Maybe the Steam version was like this too.
Can anyone confirm this?
I tested out Stage 5 in Maniac mode on the Switch and X360 versions back to back on a proper monitor. The good news is the slowdown seems to be in the same places. The bad news is the Switch slowdown is more jittery, and the transitions in and out of slowdown are jerkier and/or faster. Maybe the Steam version was like this too. It's not a huge difference, but enough for me to notice. The X360 version just feels and plays smoother overall. The difference is less noticeable in Ver 1.5, because the slowdown is heavier overall and thus there are fewer places to transition out completely.

So, unfortunately, I cannot retire my copy of the JP 360 port, as it remains the best console port to date.

Other good news: I definitely don't feel any difference in input lag between the two versions, so they did a great job there.
DBS announced today on twitter that he is retiring from competing for high scores in STGs:

His reason is because he turned 40 today, and he said he decided on this a long time ago.

He was a great player, notable for his scores in Mushi Futari BL Original!
Wow , great news on these releases . Been tempted to get a Switch for a while ...

Really hope these sell well
Well there goes $20. I have to try it now >:< Glad to hear the initial take on lag doesn't seem to be bad.
I played through the first three stages in Normal (Arcade) mode.

First impressions:

-I don't notice any input lag. Feels very responsive, like the X360 port. ESP.Ra.De Switch, in comparison, had noticeable lag that bothered me so much I had to sell the game (and just play it on my PS4).
-Slowdown accuracy seems the same as the Steam/X360 version.
-Everything loads quickly.
-Looks great on the Switch lite, but I'll try it on my main Switch later.
-So cool to have Matsuri Ver 1.5 on the go!

For twenty bucks, this is a great deal.  :righton:
Well, I did my part. Now let's see how much input lag this has!

CAVE Games / Mushihimesama, Espgaluda II and DDP DFK ports by LiveWire [Switch, 2021]
« Last post by EOJ on June 15, 2021, 05:18:14 PM »
These were announced on the JP Nintendo Direct today. Mushihimesama is already available for download at 2500 yen in Japan and $19.99 in the USA. EspII will follow in "summer" and then DDP DFK in "winter". The company porting them is called LiveWire (never heard of them before). Seems to be download-only for these games.

Official site:

Youtube trailer:

Nintendo JP eshop page for Mushi (2500 yen):

Nintendo USA eshop page for Mushi ($19.99):

Good to see EspII in there as it was never ported to Steam!
New increase in the Type A WR in DFK BL, by DVL:

Other Games / Famicom Detective Club: The Two-Case Collection (Switch, May 2021)
« Last post by EOJ on June 11, 2021, 04:53:49 PM »
I bought the Japanese LE boxed "Collector's Edition" set of this. Here are some pictures!

The set with the bonus clear files from Rakuten Books:

Inside the box, showing the cool art under the cover, the game case, and the soundtrack CD sleeve:

Inside the game case is a reversible cover, with the original art. Much better than the new cover IMO!

The reproduction of the original promo flyer:

The detailed guidebook hiding at the bottom of the box:

The two disk soundtrack CD set. Disk A contains the Famicom Disk soundtracks for both games, whereas Disk B contains the Super Famicom soundtrack to the second game:

I'm starting out with the first game 消えた後継者 kieta koukeisha ("The Missing Heir"), then I'll move on to the second one うしろに立つ少女 ushiro ni tatsu shoujo ("The Girl Who Stands Behind"). I've only played a few hours so far, but I am really impressed. This is our good friend Makoto Asada's latest work, and he has become a true master of the VN genre. Yes, in this instance he had the original material to work with, but the entire presentation is just so nice, it's hard not to be impressed.

I decided to play this one in Japanese, because I never seem to be satisfied with the English translations of VNs and I just prefer playing in the original language. For those learning the language, this one is comparatively easy to play in Japanese because it has Furigana for all the Kanji, and is fully voiced.
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