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I just finished my RTA/speedrun for this.

My final score was 1,613,400. I will try to achieve the HI-SCORE next time.
Apologies I accidently posted the score for the Black Label version here.  For this version I score 392000. Here is my RTA/speedrun for it.
Other Games / Re: The "what NON-Cave game(s)...
Last post by EOJ - May 19, 2023, 09:23:00 PM
I played through Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider recently, both on my PS5. I really enjoyed both games, though I think Rise was better overall (Shadow has better graphics, though).

This month I bought a Switch OLED and Zelda: TOTK, so I've been playing that the past few days. So far, so good. I thought BOTW was a good game, but I prefer the more traditional Zelda games. I don't like playing games like this on my Switch Lite, and I gave my OG Switch to my son, so I had to spring for an OLED so I could mainly play on my monitor.
High Scores - Individual Style / Re: EOJ
Last post by EOJ - May 14, 2023, 07:45:01 PM
Finally got over 200mil in MMP with Momo (PCB Version)!  :righton:

202,888,130 - Momo - 1-ALL

I killed the final boss before I could do the gold cancel, costing me a few million. I also missed the first two cancels on that boss. Oh well, maybe next time! Otherwise a pretty good run. 145mil at the end of ST4. A run with full boss cancels and no chain drops would put me at about 210mil.
High Scores - Individual Style / Re: EOJ
Last post by EOJ - May 13, 2023, 09:28:40 PM
I did a credit in MMP Ver 1.00 (X360) and improved my Momo score by quite a bit:

188,549,170 - Momo - 1-ALL

I missed the last two cancels on the ST4 boss and the last cancel on the final boss, costing me around 10mil total. Also one chain break that cost me several million!

Pretty close to my best Momo PCB score of 191mil!
PCB / Re: Cave PCB batteries (CV-100...
Last post by Sepeh - May 11, 2023, 11:49:38 AM
Thanks for the info about CV-1000 lithium batteries. :righton:

I think I will just solder the PGM batteries off just in case.
PCB / Re: Cave PCB batteries (CV-100...
Last post by SuperPang - May 10, 2023, 08:37:26 AM
The lithium batteries on CV1000 won't leak but they will obviously expire after a number of years.

The PGM ones definitely need keeping an eye on. A good quality battery like Varta shouldn't have an issue with leakage for a good 10 years or more but I believe they can be removed without issue.
PCB / Cave PCB batteries (CV-1000 & ...
Last post by Sepeh - May 10, 2023, 06:14:56 AM
I just went and checked my PCB batteries again for any leaks.

I was wondering if people completely remove CV1000 or PGM (DOJ, Espgaluda & Ketsui) batteries or do you just swap them for new? My DOJ battery has been removed but Espgaluda & Ketsui still have green Varta batteries. :displeased:

What is your opinion on CV-1000 batteries. How long do they last or is it just safer to remove them completely?

I'm thinking about getting rid of them batteries completely so I don't have to worry about acid leak from dead batteries.
High Scores - Competition Style / Re: World Record Scores - Home...
Last post by EOJ - May 10, 2023, 02:16:38 AM
Cross-posting from my high score thread, I got a new WR with Momo in Muchi Muchi Pork's Matsuri Ver today.  :righton:

243,604,360 - Momo - ALL - EOJ

This retires the old record by awo79 (243,356,550).
High Scores - Individual Style / Re: EOJ
Last post by EOJ - May 10, 2023, 02:13:48 AM
A couple more credits, and I managed to squeak out a new WR with Momo!

Muchi Muchi Pork - Matsuri Ver
243,604,360 - ALL - Momo

I missed a few large cancels on the bosses, so 250+mil should be doable.