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Started by EOJ, January 17, 2011, 11:37:13 PM

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This forum is for each individual member to make their own high score thread archiving their scores and their progress in games. In this thread, you can simply post your scores as in a blog, preferably with pictures, adding detailed commentary if you like. Others can chime in congratulating you on your scores, or asking for specific details, if you want. If not, you may request that no one else posts in your thread. In the first post, you may want to keep a complete list of all scores.

This will be an easy way to find all the high scores by an individual member, and can be seen as a supplement to the "High Scores - Competition Style" forum.


Your thread must include some shooting games, but you may post scores for any such games, not just those made by CAVE. Ideally, you will include at least one game by CAVE, but I'm not going to be pedantic about this.

For the title of your thread, simply put your username and/or scoring initials. This will make it easy to find everyone's scores.
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