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Deathsmiles iPhone strats

Started by ssfsx17, July 21, 2011, 01:54:58 PM

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This thread is for the discussion of everything that's been discovered so far.

Different weapons do not alter the control scheme - so for example, using Casper's weapon will still have a fixed familiar in Laser and a moveable familiar in Shot. Only a change of familiar for the final boss will affect the control scheme.

Stats do not appear to affect the firepower of the familiar very much, therefore weapons that rely on familiars for heavy-duty firepower such as Follett's laser will not cut it in Hard mode.


Having 9 of the same item makes it stronger.

Secret Image Song: Look for flashing areas on the map (besides the stage select buttons) and tap them. Haven't tested this for Arcade mode.

Hard Mode: After 4 stages, enemies let out suicide bullets that are cancelled by your familiar.

Items & Secret Sets

Wing Blade (Windia's Weapon): random drop from Sakura (B-2) on Hard
- Set items: white headband, feather dress, white shoes, white owl doll
- Strategy: Not as good as the Resurrection in any situation

Haunt Scissors: random drop from Final Boss on Hard
- Set items: black headband, ..., punk boots?, ...
- Strategy: Only slightly weaker than the Resurrection when used in Laser mode, may be good for scoring since Laser mode means better control of the familiar

Wand of Justice (Follet's Weapon): random drop from Mary (C-1) on Hard
- Set items: cloth headband, ..., cross shoes, dragon doll
- Strategy: This weapon is rather weak due to relying on the familiar for a good portion of the firepower in both Shot and Laser

Thorny Whip (Rosa's weapon): random drop from Extra Boss on Hard
- Set items: rose brooch, papillon dress, rose boots, fairy doll

Paid Witch Set: While in power-up mode, gold items come out of whatever enemies you are shooting, similar to the arrange modes of many Cave games (tested on Normal). Haven't tested if this is actually a feature of a specific item in the set.
- Strategy: Only good for Normal difficulty

Paid Princess Set: A lot more gold items come out of enemies than normal, especially while in power-up mode. This set is strictly inferior to the Queen set for everything except gold.
- Strategy: Only good for Normal difficulty

Hamaya Arrow (Hiiragi Kosame Shot): Replaces Laser and Lock-On. The bombs cause small area damage and persist for at least a split-second. Otherwise, the lock-on shot works just like the default one, so no bullet cancelling or anything like that.
- Set items: oracle dress, bosatsu statue

Blissful Death (DDP DOJ Type-B Laser): Replaces Laser. Being close to an enemy does not damage it. This is most useful for unlocking each of the four character costumes, and may also be useful for pro players scoring on Hard mode.
- Set items: Chinese Dress, Element Unit
- Strategy: Its very narrow field of fire makes it good for unlocking costumes in Normal difficulty

Resurrection (DDP DFK Type-A Shot): Replaces Shot. Really dang powerful as it seems like each set of shots is as strong as the default shot of similar stats, but its hyper mode does not cancel bullets. If you are looking for the one paid item that lets you win Hard mode, THIS IS IT!
- Set items: Colonel's Badge
- Strategy: The one and only disadvantage of this weapon is that since it is only good with Shot mode, you will have less control over the familiar.

Golden Horn (Mushihime-sama Futari Reco Normal Shot): Replaces Shot. Weaker than default shot of same stats, but power-up is just like the fully-powered version from Mushi-Futari, which means, covering a big area and being really powerful
- Set items: Burst Seed

EVAC Unit (Tiger Schwert Laser): Replaces Laser. Laser mode is very short-ranged, but it does do the lock-on thing. No numbered chips come out of enemies, unfortunately. Laser & lock-on shot do not affect the item counter, either. When powered up, the laser is bigger and goes the full length of the screen.
- Set items: 5-chip. The completed set has no effect on the gold items. Haven't tested whether the value of gold items depends on proximity to the enemy or any other Ketsui-like effects.


Update: If there's one DLC item to buy, it's the DDP DFK shot.