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Started by Softdrink 117, May 14, 2012, 01:40:52 AM

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Softdrink 117

At the moment, I'm not that good. But always improving!

Comments welcome.

This post will be an index of my scores, updated as necessary. I plan to comment if/when significant progress has been made, but not more than once a week.

Dodonpachi DaiOuJou (X360)
A-Laser: 77,600,000ish, 1418 Chain, died stage 3 midboss after a bunch of unexpected deaths to the stage 2 boss. 7/26/2012
Milestone: 5/31/2012: Near-perfect run of stage 1-1. 803 Chain, 24 out of an ideal 28-29 million. Lost the chain right at the end; the transition between the last two bees. Regardless, it felt really good.
Nailed the first stage pattern. Working on finessing the stage and boss patterns for score; currently I can get 27-28 million consistently. I'm also working on finalizing my boss milking. I've also begun to fine-tune my stage 2 pattern, and have managed several near-perfect runs. In the process of developing a stage 3 pattern. 7/26/2012

Goal: 1CC first loop at least. Ideally 2-ALL.

Dodonpachi Dai Fukkatsu (X360)
A-Strong: 4.4 billion. Wow this is terrible.  :laugh:
Have 1CC'ed the first loop as Type-A and Type-B.

Dodonpachi Dai Fukkatsu Black Label (X360)
Haven't played yet.

Ketsui (X360)
Best is about 31,000,000. I'm really loving this game, and can see myself spending a lot of time on it. =D

Mushihimesama (HD, X360)
Haven't had a decent enough score to bother posting, but have almost 1CC'ed both Original and Original 1.5 MAX.

Mushihimesama Futari (X360)
Best with Normal Reco is about 90mil, which is really bad for me.
Normal Palm - Original - 158mil, stage 5. Total fluke run-- I don't like normal Palm at all, but somehow this is my current best run. Go figure. :rolleyes:

Mushihimesama Futari (iOS)
Original/Hell: Normal Reco: 222,023,739

Softdrink 117

Updated: DOJ ship, score, and current progress. I'm also trying to learn the proper milking tactics for the stage I boss, as at the moment I either kill him while hypered or die to his wingless form if I try any form of milking.

Not listed, but I 1CC'ed the first loop of DFK on iOS: A/Strong. My score was rather sad, but I'm still trying to figure out the chaining in DFK. Lack of knowledge of the game's mechanics + crappy iOS controls = crappy score.

No progress on Futari.

Softdrink 117

Updated: DOJ score, current obstacles. My immediate goal is finishing stringing together the different sections of stage 1, and doing so reliably. At the moment I can average about 1/2 of the optimal chains, and tend to break either during the first transition area or immediately after the third tank.

I've been practicing the stage 1 boss, and can milk 3 hypers out of him about 70% of the time. I've gotten all 4 hypers on a couple occasions, and am still trying to figure out an ideal method for doing so. I've also managed to dramatically improve my survival rate against the stage 2 boss. I find him one of the most difficult enemies in the entire game (based on a couple runs of credit-feeding), most likely due to the long, narrow bullets. I've noticed when playing other shmups (notably Touhou and Alltynex) that I tend to have trouble with bullets with unusually shaped hitboxes, which may be the case here.

Either way, I've made a lot of progress.

Softdrink 117

Updated: DOJ score, progress, obstacles; Ketsui score.
Loads of progress in DOJ recently. Saw stage 1-4 on one credit for the first time, worked on stage 3 patterns and dodging, basically perfected my stage 1 pattern, and made massive strides in stage 2. For a couple weeks I've had the various segments of stage 2 pretty well patterned out, but I've been struggling at connecting them together (much like the trouble I had with stage 1 some time ago). I've been able to chain large sections of the stage-- say, all the way until the midboss-- but until today I hadn't done a full chain of the level.

Seeing a score above 75 million on my list was intensely gratifying.  =D

My boss milking for hypers on stage 1 is still sub-par, so I need to finesse that to ensure I end up with a full stock of four hypers at the beginning of stage 2. Had I done so, my chain would have been much higher, quite probably into the 2000s. I also need to work on getting the last two bees in the stage continuously with my chain, as at the moment I can usually only get one or the other within the chain.

In other news, I've been playing a lot of Ketsui lately. I'm having a lot of fun with it, although it's very different. Right now I can get to stage three every once in a long while, but mostly die to the stage 2 boss.