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Hi from another CAVE fan

Started by OlDirty, January 21, 2020, 02:37:18 PM

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Hello everyone

I just stumbled over that forum. I'm a big Cave fan but haven't realized that this forum opened again.GREAT!
For me it all started when i was a little boy playing space invaders. What an experience it was  =D. Now a "few" years later i installed MAME and wanted to play my childhood games again. CARRIER AIRWING! During MAME playing i came across a Cave game. Never heard of these games before. I felt like the little boy again, playing shmups giving you that satisfying feeling  ^-^. F*CK  i need one of these games as a real PCB. Just ONE!! My favorite one Muchi Muchi pork. This was 4 years ago when i only had a supergun for playing PCBs ( i also had just one PCB carrier airwing.haha ). And after that hell collapsed over me >:<. Suddenly i also needed an arcade cabinet Egret2. Only one, yeah right  :laugh: Now i ended up with a Egret3 for the horizontal games and a ton of cave games and groovy mame PCs connected to my cabinets for other shmups. I'm not that good but play these cave games every week for hours.

Glad to found that forum and here is my humble collection

Queen Charlene

welcome welcome! new community member gang :cool:
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Welcome! And another MMP fan as well. :righton:
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