Started by drboom, May 30, 2008, 09:44:19 PM

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That's was some jump Third strike. Ms Garra has been busting my balls for ever. Took you less than a week from your last HS

I keep giving up after a few days of almost clearing this game. I'm going to go back to it as of tonight.


No worry about this, I am only returning for this. I did ALL twice in this game in last year.



I still suck at this game...have not played in months and a few shots deep in a bottle of vodka:

7,468,170 - Stage 5 - Yusuke


Quote from: markedkiller78Finally got the clear.

Markedkiller78      16,924,270    ALL     Yusuke


Man, hella good scores from you all! It made me go back and start playing again this weekend, working for the clear. Keep getting to stage 5, dying stupidly and right around 7.5 million. I think I am going to change up to Yusuke and see if I can't push for the clear.


CRI - 14,654,010 - 6 - Irori Mimasaka

well heres my last esprade score i got.
if i don't mess up st. 4 on one of my next runs i think i can get the all.

but since ave knocked my doj score down one place i think i will stop here for now.
now i will finally get back to doj and try to chain that damn st.5.


Not high enough to qualify, but my best run so far ( just started playing these games not too long ago ):

4,789,070   Stg 4  Irori


drboom, not to be a pain but my score is a tad higher than Third strike`s.


Practice, practice, practice.  Hoping to get the ALL within the month, but the fourth stage is kicking the shit out of me.

NRR777 - 6,670,670 Stg 4 Boss Irori


Updated - and sorry about that Kaneda. Fixed.


Pretty psyched to be on the boards for this...I still suck, though.  My command of the scoring system isn't really that good right now...just going for survival and, hopefully, the clear.


NRR777  10,551,250  Stg 6 Boss  Irori

Stupid death right at the end before Ms Garra...had full power, too.

battle gregor

cjm-17,810,880-ALL-jb 5th


Played a random credit to see if I was still able to clear !
としまと-HUU - 19,340,900 - ALL - JB the 5th


Geeb - 5.713.480 - 4 (ABC) - Yusuke

didn't even make it to the boss :O


zlk - 15020650 - all - jb5th


RGC - 16,246,820 - ALL - Yusuke


Old score of mine. Just posting it here.

SAS - 18 796 440 - ALL (Mall->Bay->School) - J.B. the 5th ( Part 1 ) ( Part 2 ) ( Part 3 )


Very nice score and welcome to the boards.  :)


Third_strike - 19,794,990 - ALL - Irori
Third_strike - 21,294,750 - ALL - Irori
Third_strike - 23,113,040 - ALL - Irori
Third_strike - 23,484,528 - ALL - Irori
Third_strike - 23,823,948 - ALL - Irori
Third_strike - 25,361,620 - ALL - Irori


Damn, man - nice!  :righton: You devotion to this game is impressive!



Whoops -  =D updated!

Muchi Muchi Spork

Late to the party... Spork, 15094040, All, Yusuke. Questions... What is the 2P exploit? I didn't use it whatever it is. A glitch makes the chains go longer it seems? Anything else to it? Secondly, what are the requirements for the extra man on stage 4? I get it maybe 3/4 of the time and can't make sense of it. It's not a score based extra man, it's just out of nowhere near the beginning of stage 4. I've searched and didn't see it so if it's already mentioned somewhere I missed it.  ???


Far as the 2-player exploit, I posted a link to it on the first page - I'm summarize it, but I don't remember it at all.


To get the extra life you have to position yourself over the fast moving train to the right. As long as you are over the tail end of the last carriage as it goes off screen you should get it.

Not 100% on this but you must not bomb the end of the train and you must be firing - I've bombed before the end of the train and still got it but I've never chanced not firing to find out :P.
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