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guwange (strats)

Started by Geeb, November 16, 2008, 06:33:47 AM

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I'm fairly certain chaining is not as hard as I once thought. Even more forgiving than DDP at times. Thing is, it's even more important to keep the chain going in guwange...

The shikigami has a decent effect on even medium-sized enemies. Basically, use the normal shot for everything that requires no more than a single hit to destroy; use the shikigami for everything else.

Anyone know how many points one would expect if they full-chained with and without milking?


Yes, chaining in Guwange is a lot easier to maintain than in DDP.

Full chaining the game with or without milking will produce different points depending on how well you chain (you can get a very variable number of coins for a full chain of the game) and how much you milk or not milk, but let's say with a basic, rather low risk but efficient chaining of the full game, you'll get about 30M without milking where it's hard to milk, 50M with a fair bit of milking, and up to almost counter stop with good, hard milking.