Ibara Black Label (4 button set-up)

Started by jpj, December 18, 2007, 06:20:03 PM

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what are the four buttons used for in this game, and how do you go about setting it up for a jamma 3-button super-gun setup?

cheers in advance   :)


shot-bomb-autofire-change weapon IIRC

for 3 button setup you would need shot-bomb-change weapon  and put the autofire on button 4 IMO but i'm not sure if you can do this (when i have some time i can check it....)

or buy a cab or a better supergun... if you have the money for a 800$ PCB you should also have the money for the right tools to play it ;)


You can't change the button config in BL. Button 4 is essential. If the 4th button doesn't work with your supergun then you need a new JAMMA harness wired for 4 buttons instead of 3.
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Or you could try to run a wire from JAMMA pin 25 and connect it
to pin 17 (1P Start). In this manner you would have to to hit 1P Start
to change the weapon.

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I always get asked why my vert cabs are set up like


tis purely for two games