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Supergun AV Sigma series concerns

Started by KOMA, February 07, 2008, 04:32:27 AM

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Hi guys.
Ok i have concerns about those sigma supergun.
I maybe get a AV 5000,it come with AV cable,jamma harness/CPS-2,composite cable or RGB,not sure for the video cable,i'm waiting pics of the bundle.
There is no sitck with it but the seller told me that the supergun accept stick with db 15 pinouts like NeoGeo.I'm wondering if the 9000TB can fit on the AV5000 and if it easy to find and what price?Same for the RGB cable.

Thank in advance.


A 9000TB won't fit unless you make a custom converter.


Thx Geezer.
I think i gona pass for this then.i made some reasearch to and the stick ins't cheaper anway.Actually i've got two cabs but i would a supergun to transport at friends place to play.
Easy to put in a backpack (^^=)