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The strategy of a good arcade stick?

Started by Sycada, March 20, 2008, 06:29:43 PM

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hey guys,

Just wondering what sticks you cab owners have in your cabs?
I've got standard Sanwas in mine but have died far too often due to a slipped direction or spongey response. Could easily be my own incompetence but thought I'd get your stick recommendations anyway :D


i use a supergun with seimitsu ls-32's.  they're standard for the supergun i've got, but they're quickly becoming my favourite.  sanwas are great for fighters, but seimitsu's are "tighter" and i think that's nicer for shmups.


that sounds like exactly what I'm after. Think I'll have to investigate those. Thanks!
The sanwas are really nice sticks but feel a bit loose for me, I recall using a sanwa based arcade stick on DC Ikaruga once a while back and my game slipped considerably from 1ccing the whole game to dying around stage 3....


I guess it all comes down to personal favor. I installed Sanwa sticks in my cab, and I play great with em (relatively speaking).


I love the looseness of Sanwa's for shooters myself, while I prefer tighter sticks for fighters.

Actually I prefer d-pads for shooters, but it's not especially classy, so I'm trying to slowly acclimatise myself to sticks.


Most people will recommend Seimitsu LS-32 because they have a shorter throw and a more solid feel. I've used several different sticks on my cabs and although I can still play fine with Sanwa, Seimitsu are better for precision bullet dodging.


i might install sanwa JLF's just so i have a good excuse for shit scores  :lol:


Quote from: jpji might install sanwa JLF's just so i have a good excuse for shit scores  :lol:
That's what I do currently.  It's bliss :D

I have an LS-32 on the way for a stick I'm making for my supergun, so that excuse will be gone soon.


Quote from: SycadaJust wondering what sticks you cab owners have in your cabs?
I did quite a bit of testing of sticks & buttons a while back. This is what I ended up with:

. Seimitsu joysticks, LS-32
. Seimitsu buttons, PS-14-GXN

The buttons are reed relay buttons meaning that a magnet closes
a switch which is suspended in vacumm. I.e. no wear and tear

The buttons are sadly not made anymore but I have seen them for sale elsewhere.

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Yep, seimitsu ls-32's are the best for shmups. I personally prefer them for fighters too. As has been said before they just feel more solid. 

A friend prefers LS32?s for games with fast moving ships, bullets & Sanwa JLF?s for the slower moving stuff. I guess it?s all a matter of taste


i agree whole heartedly about the ls-32 for stg's........i see a noticable difference in my play with sanwa sticks....

however, i find ls-32's are pretty bad for fighters.....

i recently picked up my second new astro city which im using as a (pretty much) dedicated hori cab for fighting games....its got ls-32's installed....i find them very awkward for half circles and streefighter-esque move systems.....

mind you i havent been playing fighters at all in quite a while.....but i notice a difference for sure

but as always i think it really comes down to personal preference and what you are comfortable with and what you are accustomed to.....

im sure if you had always played stg's with sanwa sticks and then played with an ls-32 it would more than likely have a negative impact on your performance

whatever you choose, it will still be better than using a pad :righton:

im actually looking into modding an ls-32 with an ls-55 spring, which from my understanding makes it even tighter.....sounds perfect for stg's and danmaku in particular


My old woody cab has Happ comp sticks...I actually prefer that stick to my stock HRAP3 for shmups. It's quite springy and precise for small movements. Seimitsu is on the way for the HRAP.