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Wii Virtual Console thread
« on: March 30, 2010, 03:39:43 AM »
I decided to keep my Wii for one reason - the Virtual Console. I recently downloaded Super Mario Bros 3, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, and Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. The first two are awesome, looking great in 480p on an LCD, and even better in 240p through component on the SD TV in my bedroom. Scanlines are apparent and clear on the SDTV. Rondo of blood, on the other hand, looks passable in 480p (just barely), but is a flickery mess in 480i on an SD TV. Why the turbografx games don't output 240p on an SD TV is perplexing mystery, and a real disappointment.

So what are some other good games? Kindly post your recommendations. I'm thinking of getting Doremi Fantasy and Beyond Oasis next, as I missed out on those back in the day.

Are the neo-geo games also interlaced on a SD TV? I'm interested in any emulation differences between the PC emulators and the VC emulated versions as well.
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Re: Wii Virtual Console thread
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2010, 06:44:10 AM »
I think my most played VC game was Devil Crash. I am sure there are better games but I can just sit there and play that game for ages. Rondo of Blood was an insta-buy for me too, especially since despite still owning the disc I no longer have a console to play it on :(

I think a lot of the other games I've enjoyed are ones I played to death on the SNES - Super Punch-Out, Seiken Densetstu 2, Super Metroid etc. I did buy Treasure Hunter G too but I think it was a bit optimistic of me to try and find the time to play a 12 year old RPG completely in Japanese for the first time. Think the only Megadrive game I bought was Bare Knuckle, but I know there's plenty of other gems in there too. The N64 section was pretty small last time I looked but was pretty much all of the first-party big hitters. Not to mention Sin & Punishment!

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Re: Wii Virtual Console thread
« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2010, 04:02:47 PM »
I love the Virtual Console, as well as the (worth playing) WiiWare titles.  Most of my VC purchases are PCE/TG16 titles that I either am not too desperate to track down in their original format, or am not too keen on shelling out a huge amount of money for.  New Adventure Island, Bomberman '93, Super Star Soldier, Gradius II, and of course Dracula X (insta-buy for me too) are what I've got so far.

I'm not too worried about how they look--the TV with component-in is currently reserved for the 360, so the Wii and all other systems are on the living room TV on composite hookup and some manner of line filtering issue (I'm suspecting it's one of my power strip) that sends these bizarre dark colored bars rolling up the screen all the time.  Heck, it wasn't until too long ago that I finally got hookups to drag my Genesis and NES up from the pit of RF to the monaural glory of composite. 
I think I've got a handful of NES games too that I, again, don't care too much to track down as well--Kirby's Adventure comes to mind--and as I'm such a sucker for the original Super Mario Bros., I had to get that just for the fun of it.  There are a lot of really great offerings out there, but I'm trying to reign myself in and not get too carried away with my downloads; I'm using Steam more and more for PC purchases and with a little searching I can get myself a 'backup' of my games that I would feel no guilt about using should the service go belly-up, but I'm a little more leery with sinking a ton of money into downloadables for consoles at this point in time.

As a side note, Bomberman is a perfect game for any time guests are over, as even among my non-gaming friends it's just so simple that anyone can get into it with a few minutes practice.

I do need to get S&P at some point though, if only to save from having to dig out the Nintendo 64 every time I want to play it.

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Re: Wii Virtual Console thread
« Reply #3 on: March 31, 2010, 05:14:26 PM »
Lords of Thunder! And it's the Duo version, not that Sega CD musical mess.

For me, there's just something about getting out old SNES carts and playing things like Secret of Mana, so having 'em on the Virtual Console doesn't do it so much for me.

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Re: Wii Virtual Console thread
« Reply #4 on: March 31, 2010, 05:32:15 PM »
The auto-save state every time you exit a game is the best feature ever. Also, thanks to the VC I don't need to have a bunch of old crusty systems and games littering my living room. :righton:

Quick question, which of the emulations by M2 (MS, MD, AC) have scanline options when played in 480p? I found a review of their Zaxxon [AC] emulation, and it mentioned there is an option for fake scanlines at 480p. However, I have Alex Kidd in Miracle world, but I can't find any scanline options in 480p. Maybe it's just their recent games? They have emulated the following games (long list, I haven't translated all the titles yet), listed from most recently released to oldest:

・[AC] Zaxxon
・[MS] Alex Kidd in Shinobi World
・[MD] Earthworm Jim2
・[MD] Shanghai II Dragon's Eye
・[MD] Sonic & Knuckles
・[MS] Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap
・[MD] Earthworm Jim 2
・[MD] Pepen ga Pengo
・[AC] Golden Axe
・[AC] 獣王記
・[MS] Phantasy Star
・[MS] Secret Command
・[MD] Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure
・[AC] Space Harrier
・[MS] SONIC CHAOS / Sonic & Tails
・[MD] The Super Shinobi
・[MD] Dragon Slayer II
・[MS] Alex Kidd the Lost Stars
・[MD] Dragon Slayer
・[MD] Galaxy Force II
・[MD] Clay Fighter
・[MS] Fantasy Zone 2
・[MD] Wonder Boy III
・[MS] Super Wonder Boy Monster World
・[MD] Earthworm Jim
・[MD] Boogerman
・[MS] Sonic the hedgebog 2
・[MD] 戦場の狼II
・[MS] エンデューロレーサー
・[MD] ソーサリアン
・[MD] 北斗の拳 新世紀末救世主伝説
・[MS] Sonic the Hedgehog
・[MD] ロードモナーク とことん戦闘伝説
・[MD] Street Fighter 2 Dash Plus
・[MS] Space Harrier
・[MD] Shining Force 2
・[MD] Splatterhouse part 2
・[MD] ファンタシースター千年紀の終わりに
・[MS] 阿修羅
・[MD] ジノーグ
・[MS] Alex Kidd in Miracle World
・[MD] Super Fantasy Zone
・[MD] Phantasy Star 2
・[MD] フェリオス
・[MS] Super Wonder Boy
・[MD] 武者アレスタ
・[MD] Mega Turrican
・[MS] Fantasy Zone
・[MS] 北斗の拳
・[MD] Gleylancer
・[MD] レッスルボール
・[MD] Phantasy Star II
・[MD] Monster World IV
・[MD] Langrisser II
・[MD] Party Quiz MEGA Q
・[MD] コラムスIII 対決!コラムスワールド
・[MD] Rolling Thunder 2
・[MD] Langrisser
・[MD] Eternal Champions
・[MD] Light Crusader
・[MD] エコーJr.
・[MD] 重装機兵レイノス
・[MD] ダイナブラザーズ2スペシャル
・[MD] Sonic 3D Blast
・[MD] Bare Knuckle III
・[MD] Landstalker
・[MD] Super thunderblade
・[MD] Chelnov
・[MD] Golden Axe III
・[MD]ToeJam & Earl 2
・[MD]ESWAT:サイバーポリス イースワット
・[MD] Sonic the hedgehog 3
・[MD] Crackdown
・[MD]シャイニング・フォース 神々の遺産
・[MD]ベア・ナックルII 死闘への鎮魂歌
・[MD]ワンダーボーイV モンスターワールド
・[MD]バーチャファイター2 (ジェネシス版)
・[MD]アレックスキッド 天空魔城
・[MD] ソニックスピンボール
・[MD]ベア・ナックル 怒りの鉄拳
・[MD]ストーリー・オブ・トア 光を継ぐ者
・[MD]クライング 亜生命戦争

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Re: Wii Virtual Console thread
« Reply #5 on: April 10, 2010, 05:13:29 PM »
I bought Neutopia and Star Parodia for the TG16 last night. Both are awesome, especially Neutopia. It looks really good in 480p. Star Parodia, not so good. Wish Hudson or whoever made their TG16 emu would wise up and give us 240p output on a SD TV. Or at least give us some damn scanline options in 480p!
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Re: Wii Virtual Console thread
« Reply #6 on: April 28, 2010, 04:30:09 PM »
I know most people think laserdisc games are rubbish but IMO the single best game on the virtual console which has never seen a console port before is Fast Draw Showdown! And it's only 500 Points  :righton:

I also played through Contra Rebirth recently and think it's excellent.

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Re: Wii Virtual Console thread
« Reply #7 on: January 05, 2011, 10:00:57 PM »
I know I'm bumping an old thread, but I've been playing my wii alot lately and thought I'd share some of my picks.

I only have a handful of VC console games.  Gates of Thunder and Lords of Thunder are both great.  Next on my list to get is Air Zonk.

Also, I missed it years ago originally on the SNES, but Wild Guns is pretty great too and worth checking out.  Like cabal but way better