Espgaluda II (new)

Started by TimingTripod40, May 15, 2012, 10:39:17 AM

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Ageha (PCB)
KAB                    667,121,363    ALL
Gaijin Punch           584,239,962    ALL
marus-MPO              472,200,962    ALL [L=2]
EOJ                    363,328,403    Stage 6 (Boss)
DKU-neo                217,602,000    Stage 5
RGC                    205,708,670    Stage 6
JMZ                    201,707,530    Stage 5
lowemark               156,293,400    Stage 5
budloc                 154.339.186    Stage 5
jpj                    121,084,625    Stage 5

Tateha (PCB)
EOJ                    180,459,928    Stage 5
Asagi (PCB)

Ageha (360/Arcade Mode)

GUS                    806,914,024   ALL [L=4/6, Barrier=100%]
EOJ                    383,136,737   ALL [L=2/6]
S.L                    246.817.378   Stage 5
Sapz                   156,883,444   ALL [L=1/6]

Tateha (360/Arcade Mode)

EOJ                    321,140,594  ALL [L=1/6]

Asagi (360/Arcade Mode)

EOJ                    366,417,107   ALL [L=1/6, Barrier=100%]


360 Mode
GUS - 720,048,449 - ALL - Ageha

Still working on this. I only finished with 2 lives this time, mainly because of how badly I botched the 2nd half of stage 6. The plan is to get 750m then start working on 1ccing Futari Ultra (seriously).


360 Mode
GUS - 748,025,501 - ALL - Ageha

Fuck. This. Shit.

I was so pissed off I botched the name entry.


360 Mode
GUS - 768,675,577 - ALL - Ageha

Gonna keep going to 800m. I've come this far so there's point in quitting so close to that milestone. I want to see a western (preferably me) 1cc Ultra more than anyone but that's gonna get delayed by a few weeks.


Nice progress! I want to get back to this some day, with Asagi.
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360 Mode
GUS - 806,914,024 - ALL - Ageha

Maybe my best shmup run ever. I cried tears of joy when it was over.

Also if there's interest I might put this on Youtube with annotations explaining all the little tricks I've figured out over the past 4 months like superplayers do with their runs. I'm not going to pretend to be on that level but I think this game has a very unfair reputation and maybe having some better English language resources might help.


That would rock incredibly hard.

Awesome, awesome score.


that would be fantastic cuz i struggle at this game :-\


that is excellent! and yes the annotations are great! thx for this :righton:


I started playing 2/3 weeks ago, really like it !

My goal is to reach the 500 millions mark  :afro:

So far this is what i got :

360 MODE
S.L  246.817.378   Stage 5 -Ageha-