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Started by Queen Charlene, January 11, 2020, 09:34:44 AM

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Queen Charlene

howdy, folks! i'm a "newer" STG player -- been playing the genre for years, but only just now have i decided to dive into actually practicing games and trying to learn their scoring mechanics. this is a convenient little spot to post scores as i work on them, so things are gonna start out pretty small and unimpressive, but i'm hoping that with enough grind and practice i can have some pretty scores of my own to showcase on the board. ^-^

i'll also be posting updates on my personal YouTube channel for people who are interested in that sort of stuff! i like to think of it like documenting my growth as a player.

recorded scores:
DoDonPachi Resurrection (Steam)
DFK 1.5 is currently the game that i am spending the most time grinding. i'm not sure what happened exactly, but one day, the game just completely clicked for me, and i've been addicted since then. it'll probably end up being the first CAVE game that i get a 2-ALL in! my current plains for DFK 1.5 is to conquer Novice mode with a score i'm satisfied with and 1CC + 2-ALL it, then move on to Normal difficulty and really push myself to score and survive my absolute best. i'm excited to see what my runs for this game look like in even just a few months.

Dai-Fukkatsu 1.5 Novice
2/09/2020 | 102,859,159,379 pts | Type B-Strong | 2-ALL (Omote) | video (twitch) / video (youtube) / image
2/09/2020 |   77,738,551,775 pts | Type B-Strong | 2-ALL (Omote) | video / image
2/03/2020 |   70,606,907,305 pts | Type B-Strong | 2-ALL (Omote)
1/26/2020 |   63,786,653,773 pts | Type B-Strong | EX Boss (Omote) | video / image
1/15/2020 |   59,862,753,864 pts | Type B-Strong | EX Boss (Omote) | video / image
1/03/2020 |   30,557,927,351 pts | Type B-Strong | 2-5 (Omote) | video / image
1/26/2020 |   30,486,455,836 pts | Type B-Strong | 2-ALL (Omote) | video / image

first time getting 100 billion! excited to develop this and refine this more and more. gonna get to the Ura loop next!
85 hours of play logged as of this score. took a short break again and decided to get back at it! i got this score minutes after i got my 2-ALL. unfortunately, Golden Disaster got me again.
84 hours of play logged as of this score. haven't gotten that extra digit yet, but i got my first 2-ALL!!
76 hours of play logged as of this score. a week and a half of time, lots of researching replays, and experimenting in training mode, led me to this new score that is a hair away from being double the score i got before! i dropped some pretty big chains but managed to recover thanks to improved stage layout knowledge! unfortunately Golden Disaster and my nerves got the better of me (as well as some poor flying on my part in the middle of the run, and a few very unfortunate deaths), but i know exactly where i need to improve next time. 1-5 and 2-5 continue to be big challenges, but my routing and reacting is getting a lot better!
53 hours of play logged as of this score. 1-5, 2-5 and the end bosses contribute to most of my unfortunate auto-bombs and deaths, as well as not fully recovering from some mistakes in movement. i don't feel too bad about this run all things considered, but i'm hoping to break that next digit next time i practice.


Super Galaxy Squadron EX Turbo (Steam)
i enjoy this game quite a bit and find myself coming back to it every now and then to mess around with new ships and try to score my highest. it's really fun and the later stages start to provide a pretty hefty challenge on the Hell difficulty. the first time i tried to run Hell difficulty i was stuck on the final boss for over an hour. x_x

Arcade Mode
12/28/2019 | 32,470,018 pts | Orange | Hell/Normal, 3 deaths | n/a
12/28/2019 | 27,741,142 pts | Chrome | Veteran/Normal, 1 death | n/a
in the Normal mode of this game, you have a 5-point health bar, and death doesn't subtract your score; you just get restarted to your previous checkpoint. that being said, the multiplier system is solid enough that whether or not you take damage/die can definitely impact your overall scoring potential and put you in some pretty sour situations. i'm interested to explore this game more with some of the other ships. i'll have to get recorded footage of my next runs. i'll also have to dive into the Hardcore modes of difficulty and see how my experience with the game changes.

Endless Mode
1/11/2020 | 10,227,807 pts (B) | Chartreuse | n/a
Endless is a randomly generated stage where you just pick a ship and see how long you can survive off of just your general STG skills and your understanding of your ship and enemies' bullet patterns. great mode to pick up and play, and probably where a lot of my hours of this game goes to.


in the queue:
DoDonPachi (MAME)
--/--/---- | --- pts | --- | --- | n/a
i don't have any scores for the OG recorded yet, as i'm currently diving into routing with B-L and devising my strategies for a 1-ALL. i'm hoping to reach the second loop this year!

Raiden Fighters Jet (MAME)
--/--/---- | --- pts | --- | --- | n/a
similar to DDP, i'm currently practicing routing out stage paths and scoring for this game. RFJ is a ton of fun and i really enjoy the medal "absorbing" system, so i can see myself trying to push my survival and scoring as far as i can in this game. i'm also practicing RF1 and 2 but i'm not entirely sure if i'm gonna play them for score yet.

Giga Wing (MAME)
--/--/---- | --- pts | --- | --- | n/a
an old favorite that i was recently inspired to dig back into, and i'm interested in seeing how my improved STG skills will influence how well i can do when it comes to learning the scoring and trying to take full advantage of knowing when and where to reflect for big points.
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Queen Charlene

got a new PB on my stream today, effectively doubling the score of my previous run from last week! :D

p.s. - i'm grinding this game now for a 2-ALL + high scoring attempt on Mark MSX's Shmup Slam II exhibition on February 29th, so y'all are about to see a lot more scores from me! i'm hoping to get to the Ura loop consistently (and 1CC it... phew) by Valentine's Day. ^-^

i'm also aiming to get top 3 on the leaderboards for DFK 1.5 Novice on the shmups forum~ once i get that next digit, i'm really gonna work to push my score to the limit.
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Queen Charlene

not a high score... but i did finally get my first CAVE 2-ALL =D =D =D

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Queen Charlene


slowly climbing up there... died to Golden Disaster again, but i finally pulled off (mostly) my 1-5 route with a fat 10,000 HITs for a major score boost. unfortunately, i wasn't so lucky in 2-5. :(
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Queen Charlene




latest scores ^-^

i finally got the 100 billion 2-ALL that i've been grinding to get... next up is 150bil and/or Ura 2-ALL! time for a lot more practice!!!
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