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Started by EOJ, March 20, 2011, 05:18:58 PM

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Similar to the thread I made about Pink Sweets versions, I'm curious which version of MMP you find to be the best.

For me, the original MMP ver 1.00 (Original PCB ver) is still the best. The difficulty curve is perfect, the lard attack duration is perfect, being able to 1CC the game without a second loop is perfect, pretty much everything is perfect. There is a super hard loop available for those of exceptional skill, along with two harder modes (Harahara and Manpuku). I was wrong about the port of 1.00 being bad - yes, some slowdown is missing, but overall it does not impact scoring as I thought it did.

A close second is MMP Matsuri Ver. Pink Sweets bosses, more bombs to play with, and a nice 1 round game make this fantastic fun. I do wish the lard attack duration was the same as in 1.00 (and maybe on the original Matsuri ver PCB it was) rather than being identical to ver 1.01, however.

Coming in third is MMP ver 1.01. They made the lard attack last longer and the lard gauge fill up faster. This takes away a lot of the skill in scoring in the stages and a lot of the challenge in clearing the first five stages, which I don't like. It reminds me somewhat of how they dumbed down Mushi Futari's Maniac mode in BL to make it easier to keep your chaining bar in red, and easier to 1CC. I also don't like being forced into the second loop whenever I 1CC the first round. I do like how the extends continue in the second loop (unlike 1.00), and how a 2-ALL is less crazily difficult.

Last and certainly least is MMP Arrange mode. I seriously dislike this mode -- it's so freaking boring, I only managed to finish one credit all the way (which resulted in a very easy 1CC), the rest of the time I've turned the game off by stage 3. Really crappy scoring system, really annoying transparent bullets all over the place (which look ugly, quite frankly). Bleh. What a letdown.
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As someone who hadn't played MMP until the port, 1.01 feels a little bit off and too easy with regards to the lard attack, even before I touched 1.00. The second loop is out of my reach either way, but the thing that's holding me back from 1.00 is having merged leaderboards... it makes playing it feel a bit unrewarding when most scores on the leaderboards are from 1.01, but your recent scores indicate that 1.00 can be more or less compared to the PCB, so it should help!

I feel like there's a little something missing in the Matsuri version but I couldn't say what exactly... maybe a bigger rank variation? (I maxed out the rank by the stage 3 bosses IIRC on the few credits I played) It's still one of the better Xbox modes, though, especially when it's next to MMP Arrange! :)


I'm going to tentatively say 1.01. Arrange doesn't really do it for me. I can't remember what I have against 1.00 in comparison offhand and I haven't had time to sit down and try out Matsuri yet. I'll hold off voting in the poll until I do.

EDIT: Yeah, gonna stick with 1.01. I really like Matsuri, but man, those Pink Sweets bosses are just so damn hard. Agreeing with the post below mine, it really does feel like there could be a bit more balance.


Have to say I don't really have a favourite between 1.00 and 1.01. They're both fun and while 1.01 is easier than 1.00, it's also less frustrating. Matsuri is a nice distraction, but hardly warrants regular play because of the massive imbalance of the bosses.

As for arrange, I don't even know how to play it. I figured a few bits, but haven't been arsed to learn more. Not exactly attractive.
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I voted for 1.01 mostly because it was the first version i ever played.  For my skill level easier is better. 

Played arrange once or twice and it didnt make much sense to me.....

Still too lazy to set up a JP account to download Matsuri version.