Anybody have high res images of the Mushi Futari wallpapers?

Started by Special World, April 21, 2011, 04:11:38 AM

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Special World

I was thinking of modding my junky SFIV fightstick with some seimitsu parts and snazzy artwork. I decided on Futari because it's my favorite shooter of all time. In particular, I was looking for this image in a high res:

  (shamelessly stolen from the shmups! Futari topic)

I'm afraid that once I blow it up a little bit and lami-label it, it'll end up looking sorta junky, so I'd appreciate if somebody had a really high-res version. Also, if anybody has any super awesome high-res Futari art in general, I'd love to see it. Who knows, maybe it'd convince me to go with another pic.