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Why cave-stg must oppose SOPA and PIPA

Started by ssfsx17, January 18, 2012, 01:10:17 PM

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It is possible for Aksys Games to say, "Someone used the word 'Deathsmiles' on the website, which is copyrighted in the USA by us. Therefore, we order a takedown of all of and a blacklisting of every single user on the message board. Furthermore, everyone who reads a single word on the website should also be blacklisted. EOJ is liable for millions of dollars in damages."

Aksys Games wouldn't do that, you think. But in today's game industry, you never know who will buy who and then start copyright-bullying.


There's nothing to worry about, dude. Obama already said he would veto it on the unlikely chance it passes.


I think a 24-hour cave-stg blackout would send shockwaves all the way to Washington.