ESPGaluda II - YOZ Score Run video, can someone pls explain this?

Started by Quantium, July 13, 2012, 10:57:36 PM

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Video in question:

Specifically, I want to know how he stays in kakesui mode so long (in excess of 20sec., from 0:34 to 0:53), and how he gets those few enemies to start showering the screen with bullets?  I've tried to replicate this atleast a dozen times so far, and haven't even come close to anything like this.  Please, normal answers, not "he's just a badass player" or something like that.  I mean, does it have to do with the fact that he just fires a single burst to kill them, and not holding the button down?  i have no idea.  Thanks.


there is a glitch during the start-up tutorial where if you wait for a certain part (as your absorbing a bunch of gems) and then hit start you'll start the game with more gems than normal. thats how he gets the extra time. for the big bullet spewing enemies, you'll notice he shoots them for just a split second, triggering two small explosions. this causes them to go into that angry mode during kakusei.


He also uses a technique where he holds down the Kakusei button while he's killing those first 2 enemies and getting gold. This allows him to automatically enter Zesshikai as soon as he gets the gold.

But yes, YOZ is a very badass player. I'm pretty sure the guy who made that vid got the world record a few years later with a score of 1.019 billion.  :o


Just found a very informative video where the player does the exact same maneuvers, yet he has it annotated with very helpful information about how to make the enemies and gold all go apeshit.


Hahaha, no shit?  Well, THANKS.  It's really informative and helpful.  =D