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Hello from a CAVE fan in Canada

Started by pvwradtke, January 08, 2021, 01:05:17 PM

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Hello folks,

I'm Paulo, a Brazilian shmup and CAVE games fan located in Canada. While I'm still to have the honour of having a CAVE game PCB, I do enjoy playing them on their console releases. Besides Cave games, I'm also into classic shmups (Gradius, R-Type and Aleste, to name a few), and I play a good range of other games on my collection. Anyway, looking forward to gettign along with other people in the forums.




Welcome! Always great to have a new member, and don't be shy in posting in threads or asking questions.

Most of the CAVE console ports are great, by the way! No need to buy the PCBs unless you really want them.
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