Progear jewel harvesting trick?

Started by jammaparts, July 18, 2008, 04:55:53 PM

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This is something I've been trying to pull off myself with no success:

Does anyone know how exactly this is possible or an explanation of how to do it?



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Quote from: zebraairforce
Thanks for the link, that explains it pretty well. Now I just have to go practice it;)

I'll put the info here incase those links die:

From ExGoku on Youtube:
"This is a very hard technique to perform during a normal play, is near impossible to do what you see in this video when you want... Basically is a little bug.
First of all you have to bring the first boss in a critical damage condition, then suicide yourself to deal more damage to him, bringing the ship at the last damage reachable level.
This way, the bullets pattern become extremely fast, and LONG.
I call this a little bug because the damage level you need to reach is normally impossible to obtain without a suicide.
You can see if the 'Diamond Wave' is going to be activated because after the suicide you'll see the cannon on the 'Ballossum Pench' following your movements; if not, your try becomes a failure.
The final things to do are to try to start the big leech and manage it to the end. I hope this description was clear enough to explain the mysterius secret beyond this unknown technique."

From Chi_Ryu on shmups:
"You need to get the boss into his final desperation state - and the only way to do this is to suicide into him when he is almost dead, so he actually has negative damage remaining - he will then shoot a continuous stream of bullets aiming continuously and directly at you (if he doesn't start tracking you when you re-appear, you've done it whilst the boss was too strong and lose!).

Clearly you need to leave at least 2 of the guns/sails intact (and almost destroyed, since you have to do the next bit quick), destroy the first in fighter mode (i.e. tapping A or pressing C button) to power up to diamonds (this won't work if you don't get immediately up to diamond ring level as the cascade range of diamond is largest), and then immediately gunner-shot (hold A) the second destroy them into diamonds, without hitting the boss itself (one hit will kill now). Immediately let go of the A button to suck in the diamonds, and the stream begins!

Once the stream starts, it will typically carry on for a little while (circular motions tend to keep it running), so long as you don't run into a bullet before it gets (quickly, I might add) transformed into a diamond!

As a word of advice, if you can't turn the final stream of bullets from the last wave of enemies into a continuous stream of diamonds (see any superplay to see what I mean), you aren't ready to try this! :p

It is also not particularly worth it (especially on the second loop, since losing a life then is likely to cost you a shedload of jewels), except to show off XD

elfhentaifan wrote:
Can it theoretically go on for ever like that?

No, for two reasons. One, bosses will self suicide after a predetermined time. But more importantly, the stream usually cuts off after 15 seconds or so!"


so... during the jewel streaming, the player is not actually pressing or holding down the A button?


I also need help on jewel streaming. I can get them to start, but they never last for long.

For example, at the end of stage 1...those yellow ships fire a dense line of bullets. I shoot one in gunner mode, release the button and the streaming starts, but it ends after 2 secs. How can I make it last until the end?

Quote from: jpjso... during the jewel streaming, the player is not actually pressing or holding down the A button?
Nope. You need to suck in the jewels, and for that you have to release the button.


i thought so, thanks :)  i haven't played progear in an age :oops:

your problem is that you probably don't have a high enough jewel value.  the better the jewel, the bigger the cancelling radius is.  so you need to get diamonds or it wont work for more than a second or two :)


No, I DO have diamond-level rings when I attempt jewel streaming. But they won't continue anyway.


It depends a great deal on where your ship is positioned. Try sitting towards the bottom left then moving slowly upwards.


Here, this is what my attempts looks like:


On a closer look, seems like I'm not streaming at all :|


Quite a few things play into formula when jeweling:

1: Jewel size
2: Ship position
3: How gentle you are
4: Rank

The last two are tough.  

The problem in the video is your positioning.  You need to be back further when you start it, and as it kicks off, you need to move forward SLOWLY, calibrating to it with each movement.  You basically need to think of your ship as point A, the ship furthest from you that's spewing bullets as point B.  You need your imaginary line to pass over all the other ships spitting out bullets.   In the video, you're too far forward, then you move back which is what breaks it.  Had you not moved back, you'd get a lot more of them.

It's not too hard to get the first stage sucker going.  Always restart if you have to.  I do recall that you need to be in place where if the jeweling stops, the bullets will hit you.



Okay, this is the kind of info I was looking for. I'll practice a bit and see what I come up with.

Thanks GP.