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RQ-ESPGaluda arrange mode

Started by jonny5, August 25, 2008, 11:38:40 AM

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i discovered this mode last night....never tried it before.....i was hooked as soon as i realized it was a mix betweem esprade scoring and galuda....

i played it for like 5 hours last night....lolz....hard as hell but fun as hell at the same time.....and ooooohh the bullet canceling.... :righton:

any other tips or strategies anybody could recommend


Save your barrier and lots of gems for bosses.

Don't stay in Kakusei mode too long.  Turn it on, take out a large enemy or two and turn it off again.

The multiplier effects how many green gems you get for destroying an enemy.

Play the arcade mode enough so you know all the enemy placements.