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A few questions from an arcade newbie

Started by Atstroboy, April 20, 2009, 03:38:41 AM

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Hi all,

I am a new member of the forum, 26 years old from France.

My registration here has been motivated by the recent purchase of my very first arcade PCB (Futari BL). I am an old timer in video games though and a big fan of Cave stuff.

I don't have enough room at home for a proper cabinet so I gathered a bunch of costly gizmos as a replacement:

- Supergun Sigma Raijin
- XRGB2+
- CRT monitor

The Sigma is plugged via RGB into the XRGB and the monitor is turned vertically.

I have to say that everything is running smoothly besides a few details:

- When I start up the supergun a jaggy picture appears on the screen during 1/2 seconds then I get to the memory check etc.
This picture basically shows what was on the screen when I turned the supergun off the previous time but distorded and a bit jaggy. Is that normal with PCB? Could that be a problem with the voltage on the supergun?

Now two questions specific to MFBL:

-  I sometimes see kind of a faint grid pattern in between the first artwork and the start of stage 1. This is extremely short, half a sec maybe.

-  I also spotted color variations on right hand side of the screen during end of stage/scoring displays . The changes occur when the counter jumps from small gems to big gems and so on.
This is pretty weird in my opinion because if something was wrong with the screen or the xrgb I should see that kind of stuff all the time... But I don't.

I can make pictures to illustrate all this if you want. Thanks for your help!



Garbled graphics before a memory check is perfectly normal for arcade hardware.


Cool setup  :)

I have the exact same - Sigma Raijin -> xrgb2+ -> CRT


I have the exact same setup as well. And yeah, that's perfectly normal.


What settings do you use for sharpness and v-lines?

I personnaly use sharp=1 v-line=2, is that close to the quality you get on a real arcade cabinet?


Looking forward to your MFBL scores  :righton:


I usually set my xrgb2+ to


Is an upscaler like the XRGB-2 really necessary for running a supergun to a CRT TV if it has RGB input already?? I thought most people used upscalers for LCDs ? How much difference would there be with it?



Correct.  My tv's had composite input only, so I got the xrgb and had some custom cables made for my systems and such.  Best decision I ever made.