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Importing an Xbox 360

Started by Aconcit, March 23, 2011, 02:03:54 AM

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 Edit: I ended up buying a North American console. Maybe sometime in the future when my girlfriend visits her family in japan I can get her to ship one to me and mark it as a gift. Until then, this topic is suitable for anyone else who needs help in this area.
Original post:
QuoteHello, I recently signed up because of my increased interest in shmups over the past year. I've been interested in buying a Japanese/Asian console but I'm troubled with the various fees I'll have to pay once they arrive at my door. I'd order from since the shipping seems cheaper, and it has the 4GB Asian model and this totals at 311.17 USD.

I'd ship this into Canada which has various duties and taxes like most countries would. Using an online calculator I find that tax is $19.60, duty is $15.54, Brokerage is $44.37, and including various other fees the price is hiked up to $405.13.

I was wondering if anyone had ever experienced importing a console into Canada, and if there's any alternative routes I can take to reduce this price. 

If I can't find a better alternative I might just end up buying a NA console and stick to the region free games I want to play. I'm interested in the Asian console for Ketsui, and DFK BL which seems to me like they'll never be localized.