Under Defeat Insanity DVD coming March 30th, 2011

Started by EOJ, March 04, 2011, 02:07:46 PM

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Seems a little late in the day for this.

Can anyone translate and confirm if it will be just gameplay footage, or will there be other extras?


Yeah, really weird that they'd put this out now.  I wonder how many folks actually play this in the arcade anymore.  Maybe G-Rev is gearing up for a limited re-issue like this did with Border Down and its soundtrack a few years back?

On second thought, that "few years back" was like '07, if I remember right.  So probably no relation at all.

Dammit, I just looked on eBay, and this game's really shot up in price.  I played a dodgy copy of it long ago and always intended to pick the game up, but it always got left out in favor of cheaper titles.  Last I looked it hadn't quite started bumping up into the three digits yet.  Oh well.  :-\



Quote from: antares on March 06, 2011, 01:52:02 PM
Maybe an indication for Under Defeat XBLA?

Here's hoping. Not enough people have played this fine game.


Fantastic news, I'm all hyped! I thought INH was long dead, what a great comeback.

Very much looking forward to this. It's been some time since we got the last non CAVE superplay DVD.


Is this the world of 7.6 million?

The "soldier of fortune" logo looks exactly like the FPS's from ages ago. Intentionally?



Strangely excited about this release also . I can really see this game appealing to the west if released more accessibly well xbla anyways .


anyone have any news why this is getting pushed back to april 13th?
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