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Cave Art Books

Started by Sandinista, November 01, 2022, 03:01:00 PM

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I've been collecting Cave artbooks for a while now . Heres what I have/know of . Are there any other books out there that are worth looking for not on my list ?

Did the official Cave books end at Akai Katana ?

If anyone has the Guwange / Esprade book I would be very interested


Official Cave CB000

0 Deathsmiles
1 Mushihimesama  futari
2 Espgaluda 2 black label
3 Deathsmiles 2
4 Cave Shooting History 16 Years
5 Guwange/Esp ra de
6 Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu
7 Akai Katana

2 x Books that came with the Xbox 360 shooting collection

# Cave shooting book
# Gothic maiden 1
# Gothic Maiden 2
# Ibara comic book
# unofficial saidaioujou maximum


Ive now managed to locate a copy of Guwange/Esp ra de artworks :righton: