Deathsmiles IIX Famitsu Review (Translation)

Started by EOJ, March 25, 2018, 07:15:18 PM

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Here is my translation of Famitsu X360′s Deathsmiles IIX interview, with their scores provided at the end.

MATSUI MUNETATSU: As indicated by the title having an "X" in it, this is a big version upgrade from the Arcade original. Different from what they've made up until now, it's a 3D polygon horizontal shooter, but that 'Cave shooting' feel is still there. It's surprisingly easy if you go through each stage at Level 1 rank, so I'd like beginners in particular to try playing it this way. Tsukaima race is an old-school "clear one screen" game, sort of like a PC game. I guess it's just a bonus tossed in. -8

ROLLING UCHIZAWA: Like the first game, this is a blend of fantasy and hardcore gaming with a really unique world that is pleasing to the eye. The 16:9 HD Xbox 360 mode is very beautiful, and as expected the enemy patterns and story sequences are sublime. Even those who played the arcade version should enjoy the fresh feel of this game.  When played on the easiest difficulty setting, even beginners can clear it, so it's pretty easy in this way. Nevertheless, there are many parts where the explanation given is insufficient, so it was pretty difficult to get a grip with the scoring system. Also, I'd like the menus to be a little easier to use. -8

ISHII ZENJI: Playing with the enemy bullets in the Arcade original was horrible, as when you did not dodge well the tendency for stress to mount was strong. However, owing to the changes in in the scoring system in Xbox 360 mode and the way the enemy bullets react, the game has really changed for the better. Dodging bullets feels good, and the exhilarating feel of destruction has increased. This adds up to a satisfying level of refinement.  I think they were probably aiming to make Arrange mode easier, but as expected, I have the impression they reduced the difficulty too much. I'd like to have a wider range of difficulty choices, all the more since the original ideas in this game are interesting.  – 8

TOTSUKA GIICHI : In comparison to the cozy, unique gothic mood formed in the previous game, this is a game in which all of the elements became gorgeous. I have nothing but good things to say about the supplemental content added to the arcade version's story and each character's episode, and the arrange mode that has strengthened the exhilarating feel of the lock-shot attack is enjoyable even though there is a fixed route through it. Personally, I think there is a strange mismatch between the stages and the BGM as far as establishing a game world is concerned, and compared to the first game it bothers me that it doesn't have as much flavor.   – 7
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