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Mushihimesama DX

Started by EOJ, January 10, 2008, 02:24:16 AM

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Okay, this is the Mushi cellphone game, but I found a video of it:

Looks fun for a cellphone game. Then again that isn't saying much.
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I concur.  GP let me give it a short go on his phone at the fall Cave event, and while it looks and sounds beautiful, it's sluggish and the cellphone controls are poorly suited for a game of its nature.

That said, I'd probably spend money on it if it were available back home, but that's coming from a guy who played a lousy Sprint port of Gradius rather seriously.


when i saw this topic, i thought they'd released another version of the pcb...   :lol:



I thought it said Mushihimesama DS  :)