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Started by porter, January 29, 2024, 07:08:25 AM

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No highscores yet. Hopefully soon  :)



I want to use this thread to track my scoring journey. I've been a CAVE fan for a while but I fall more into the collector and casual stg player category. I don't know what got into me but I realized I'm missing out on so much of what these games have to offer. I'm almost 40 and I'm no superplayer, so I'm not expecting any WR numbers here, but I am kind of excited to see how I progress over time and where I end up.

First up--Ibara. I love the art and soundtrack and figured that'd be the perfect place to start. I've only played it a handful of times so I'm basically going in blind, which should add to the fun. I have the PCB but I don't have the PS2 port. Given what I've read, I think I would've preferred starting with IKBL, but since I already had the Ibara PCB I'll start there. Maybe BL will be next if I can find a PCB available that doesn't cost $7500 from Tops.

- Normal mode. Bond Type-A (subject to change).
- Practice with emulation allowed. (arcade rom in MAME with 50% cpu/50% blitter. not sure of the best settings but I'll start there)
- Save states? Undecided. I personally don't like using features that weren't originally included by the developer. I think the Ibara PS2 port has save stating, so the jury's still out.
- Scoring on PCB.
- Watching replays is fine.
- Recording and reviewing my own runs is fine.

My goals:
- Practice at least five days per week (no practice session time requirement. 15min, 3 hours, anything's fine. I want to make sure I stay playing regularly.)
- 1-all in 20 hours
- No score goal but I'll update after 50, 100, and 200 hours of playtime, or whenever I call it quits.

Off we go.

Edit: Right as I started with Ibara my copy of DDP DOJ Reincarnation arrived. Ibara's on hold as I'm playing around with that.