Need some advice/feedback for my doujin shmup engine

Started by MikeNeko, March 08, 2011, 04:01:43 AM

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i tried on another shmup forum but didn't get much help from there (i guess they only really care about gamemaker games xD).

Before starting anything else a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig disclaimer. Almost every graphics you will see in there is placeholder, and coming from various commercial source, so unless you speak of the "hits" UI part, everything else is either from CAVE or zun and friends. I guess to be legal you shouldn't download this unless you own Ibara, Mushihime sama and dodonpachi daioujou (but hey i am on cave-stg), the bg is from pink sweets but from the cave website level presentation. The sound is from a zun game and directx samples as well

anyway, for my doujin circle i am building a shmup engine in C++/directx 11(falling back to dx9)/XACT3. And i would like to know if it feels *right*. If the size of the player, the movement/responsiveness, the shoot rythm and speed etc feel like commercial thing.

I am not talking about bullet patterns, i coded none, not enemy placement either (they are just DDP DOJ level 1, my engine is compatible with cave engine playlists xD), neither animation -so no the player don't tilt when going left right in this build but will-.

The beginning is very empty, so you can get used to the controls. then things toughen.

So there you are:

it doesn't look like much, but somehow i invested a lot of time in this, using what i learned with cave to try to be faithful to the spirit (and except for maintaining playlist compatibility tried to not copycat) so i hope i am on the right track and that you guys will enjoy that.

The system: not really complicated.
there is: score, combo cooldown bar, multiplier, hits
when you hit or kill an enemy the hits increase, as well as the cooldown bar. there are segments in the cooldown bar, each segment has a different rate of increase of the multiplier.
When you hit nothing, the cooldown bar decreases.
If the cooldown bar is empty, the multiplier drops.
If you die, the multiplier is divided by two.
If you hit with laser, the multiplier becomes red, the cooldown bar drops much faster and if it is empty so does the multiplier. To return to white state, hit with normal shot.
when you die you are invincible for a short while.
When enemies die, they drop bonuses, their value is multiplied by the multiplier to be added to the score. When a bonus is dropped it keeps its multiplier on itself. So even if you drop to zero and grab a bonus emitted when the multiplier was at 3 000 you will get 3 000*bonus value
When you collect a bonus the multiplier decrease is held.
The sole fact to kill an enemy increase the score as well.

that s it for now, there will be much more later xD
The game scans for the first 10 joysticks plugged, but it is configured for my HRAP2, sorry (on xbox360 pads the fire button is the back button, not convenient i know...)
Otherwise keyboards work as well, even if you are in azerty it is considered qwerty.

There is a normal (1920x1080) and a tate (1024x768) build, though both are 16:9 aspect ratio and fullscreen.

One last thing, the rank is maxxed, so suicide bullets xD

Thank you for your time !
kisses (or not  =D)


I really liked the "handling" of the ship. Feels spot on. I did play using the keyboard though.


Thank you for your time and feedback :) I'm glad it handled well on your machine, i am a bit relieved.


Played it "through" twice and I think the handling is just fine.


Played it through a few times, handling seems very good and this was on a P4 3Ghz.

The resolution was a challenge for my aging CRT though, could you do a 1280x1024 please ? :D
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Quote from: rtw on April 01, 2011, 12:26:26 PM
Played it through a few times, handling seems very good and this was on a P4 3Ghz.

The resolution was a challenge for my aging CRT though, could you do a 1280x1024 please ? :D

Thanks for the feedback :) i ll keep that in mind and do a 1280x1024 version, anyway my goal is to be as scalable as possible, but my circle is so slow  :( we will never be ready for this winter comic market... i don't care, i can recycle for my own enjoyment (mwahahaha  >:D)


I was going to give this a try, but when I tried to boot it it said that it was missing 'MSVCR100.dll'.
So, I'm not sure what that means, but if it gets worked out, I'll be willing to give this a play.