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September competition poll

Started by Aliquantic, August 15, 2011, 03:07:12 PM

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I've gone ahead and made a poll since there's so much time until September and summer holidays and STGT are over. It should be pretty self-explanatory and hopefully the choices are varied enough and a bit out of what we'd usually play!

I'll let the poll run until near the end of the month and set up the competition thread then :)


Hoping God mode wins both to give me motivation to get a better Palm score and so more people can see how incredible it is once you get serious with the scoring. 1.5 Original isn't the only mode in the game people.


Admittedly, there's also 1.01 Original  :lol: I'm as guilty as most people of not touching God mode though, in good part due to thinking it was beyond my reach still...


I voted futari gold, not only because it's the only one in the 3 I have access to  :whyioughtta: but also coz I'd like to give it a try (even though normal mode is still too difficult for me lol)


I've started the competition a little bit early since the poll hasn't been moving in quite a while now and I made the mistake of making the results public... The competition thread is here, with Futari God winning the vote narrowly after getting an early lead.