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Re-initializing SH3 boards

Started by ookitarepanda, December 09, 2011, 04:17:12 PM

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Dunno if any of the Cave-STG regulars saw this in the Shmups forums, but it is of very relevant interest to me since I need to erase the damn high score table for the Mushihimesama that I bought.

Quote from: idcRemove battery. Short pin 9 (DO) to pin 12 or 13 (GND) and power on. Wait until EEPROM test, watch for the word "INITIALIZE" and remove the resistor.

This works, and the game will re-initialise the EEPROM.

Pictures courtesy of rtw :D
Quote from: rtw


Cover up the other pins on the chips with electrical tape to make sure you won't do anything funky. You can use a regular piece of wire (kernow method) or a 100 ohms resistor (Dave K. method) and either way it will work just fine.

Note that this will relock Ultra mode on a game like Mushihimesama (non-fixed) due to the reset of the whole board. But that way you can build up a real Maniac score list before it ruins the Ultra score list.