Xbox 360 store closing July 2024

Started by EOJ, August 17, 2023, 04:13:31 PM

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QuoteStarting July 29, 2024, the Microsoft Store on Xbox 360 and on marketplace‌.xbox.‌com will no longer be supporting purchases. This includes games, trials, add-ons, avatar items, apps, gamerpics, game trailers, and videos. It also includes purchases like gamertag changes on Xbox 360, Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, in-game purchases, and Movies & TV. Games and content purchased before that date will still play as intended and content redownloads will continue to be supported for owned content.

If you intend to redeem any codes for Xbox 360 content via your Xbox 360 console, then you will need to redeem them to your account before July 29, 2024. After that date, they may no longer be redeemable. Gift cards and subscription cards will not be impacted.

If you want to buy any digital games or DLC that is not BC with current Xbox consoles, the countdown is on!
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Thank you for the head's up.
I need to redownload some apparently as the memory is corrupted.