The end all be all Cave Shwag thread

Started by GaijinPunch, May 18, 2008, 11:45:59 AM

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There is a combo OST that contains both DOJ and Ketsui. Furthermore you can buy a combo OST w/ESPGaluda Arrange & DOJ Arrange OSTs as well as a combo disc featuring DOJ & Ketsui remix OST's. It really got confusing, mind you. I didn't even know about the latter until a couple of weeks ago.


This list hasn't been updated in some time, but does anyone know if Mushihimesama Cave Matsuri Ver. 1.5 ever got a soundtrack CD release?

Muchi Muchi Spork

Yeah there was a cd release labeled "Arrange Album" but the music is the normal 1.5 version, not the new totally different Arrange music on the X360 release. So that's a bit confusing. It may be slightly different from the pcb but I can't be sure because they downsample so much for the pcbs that a lot is lost.  :'(

Check the Ura Loop later if you want.


I haven't seen any Medal Mahjong Moukari Bancho Shwag posted, so here's my Cave keychain that I've been using for a bunch of years.




Agreed, they are nice. I picked up a couple earlier this year and play better when wearing them, well kinda better :)